our company

We work together to create and produce a renewable energy platform that we are proud of for the community that we believe in. We came from a wide range of disciplines that will provide value for Soltera on how we envision it.

Soltera Pte. Ltd. is incorporated with a young and aggressive founding team backed by strategic partners, advisors, and experts in the energy industry. Founding members of Soltera Pte. Ltd. are entrepreneurs and startup founders from traditional businesses who have lead the drive towards digitalization of their companies, and they are to do it again in the energy industry in the Philippines.

Industry Leaders

The founding team are entrepreneurs that came together from different industry to help the APAC countries achieve net zero carbon emission. The founders of the company have started their own company, have had failures and successful exits.

Renewable Energy

As we move into the future, the scientific passion of the team to achieve a low-carbon economy down to a NET ZERO carbon emission has strengthen through the years. We will continue our passion to religiously work on producing a premium quality of energy , a sustainable supply to all, and the accessibility to all human race.


State-of-the-art concepts are deemed useless without a purpose. Circumscribe your desires within due bounds and let the promising teams provide their expertise to unlock the possibility of saving the earth for more generations to come.

Real Estate

Transformative spaces are built by science, but a real estate transforms a society in its finest livable perspective . The team creates spaces that have financial and environmental value.


The team strongly believes that retail is not just about trading of goods and services. Rather, retail is a pathway to solve the fundamental aspects of human endeavor to protect and save the earth by patronizing Renewable Energy Sources.

Technology Integration

In each industry that the founders have worked with, they have lead the integration of technology to these traditional businesses, making their companies a top in mind in their respective industry.

Managing Team

Bringing the best entrepreneurs in the startup technology industry, each founder is vested In the company and has performance-driven metrics that will grow the company from zero to one. 

Ryan Llamoso


Chief Executive Officer

  • Co-Founder and Former CEO of Rentalbee
  • Co-Founder and Former Co-CEO of Alternative Housing Group

Engr. Bryan Tañagras


Chief Technology Officer

  • CEO of Z Corp.
  • CEO of Codesbyte Inc.
  • CTO of Brains Infinite Innovations Inc.
  • COO of EBB Tech Corp.

Eli Becislao


Chief Product Officer

  • Former COO of C-Estates
  • COO of Coin Sessions PH
  •  Business Developer of Google Chromecast

Rico Tan


Chief Operating Officer

  • COO of 24 Solar Premier Energy
  • Head Operations at AYS Solar Philippines Inc.

Engr. Carlito Paglinawan

Chief Engineer

Technical Operations

  • Founder and President of SSD Builders

Usec Dave Almarinez

Senior Advisoor

  • Board Member / Province of Laguna
  • President & CEO of Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC)
  • President & CEO of Greenergy Holdings Inc.

Engr. Arnel Miraflor

Senior Advisor

  • Design & Engineering of US Navy OICC
  • Topnotcher, National Electric Code Exams, USA